WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL BLOG for La Pétanque Marinière in San Rafael, California. LPM has been an active Marin pétanque club since 1972 and affiliated with the Fédération of Pétanque USA, since 1975. We welcome people of all abilities, ages and nationalities to come and enjoy pétanque with us.

The Pierre Joske Courts are located on Civic Center drive in San Rafael. (click for directions). Casual games are played every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from about 1 pm. Tournament play is usually held on the second Sunday of every month.

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If you would like to play but haven't any boules, please contact our President, Christine Cragg, or Ken Lee. They can bring some for you to use, as well as introduce you to the basic skills and techniques of pétanque. In addition, if you are looking to purchase boules but are unsure as to which size and weight are right for you, we have a range of different examples from which to choose.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valley of the Moon Pétanque Club - 2012 Season

After our moderately mild winter, VOMPC is ready to begin our 2012 season of play with the traditional singles tournament on Sunday, February 26th. This year, we've changed it up a bit by offering chili and cornbread with all the accoutrements. Chefs Narin Garrett cooks a mean chili and Barbara Hall is queen of cornbread. A mere $5 lets you play and $7 gets you fed. Registration ends at 10:00 am. If there is interest and the numbers allow we will have a casual division. Director Peter Wellington will be at the helm. Please RSVP for chili by Thursday of this week via
the website vompc.org (event registration) or the Hotline: 707 299-0484.

Prior to the tournament we shall have a teeny-weeny court clean-up on Saturday, February 25th from 10:00 am to Noon, just to make sure the oak leaves don't outnumber the guests. PLEASE try to donate an hour of your time. Merci, Thank You.

If you're looking to play tomorrow, February 19th, our friends in Lafayette are hosting their "Sunday Funday." The Lamorinda Petanque Courts are located at480 St. Mary's Road. Registration ends at 10:00 am. Although the entry fee is $7. (that includes coffee & croissants), they are refunding bridge tolls for out-of-towners dubbing this their "Two-Buck Chuck" tournament: for $2 you get to chuck your balls around their beautiful courts. Call Etienne (925) 891-4756 for more details or email lampet@lamorindapetanque.com.

Next up is our first league of the season: Winter Mixed Doubles. People are already signing up so start forming your teams. This is for members only, one of the incredible benefits of joining the VOMPC. Six weeks of play, one game to 15 points, $20 per team entry fee. La grande finale (top four teams)and awards ceremony is slated forSaturday, April 21st, 11:00 am. The illustrious director Shannon Bowman is known for her unique prizes, another incentive. Registration ends March 1st so get cracking...

LASTLY, but not leastly, for those looking to travel for a challenge, Sarasota Florida is hosting the National Mixed Doubles (March 10th) and Mens & Womens Doubles (March 11th). Then in April, our friends in Fresno host the National Mixed Triples (April 28th) and Mens & Womens Singles (April 29th). For more information visit the FPUSA website (www.usapetanque.org).

Boule on everyone!

Valley of the Moon Petanque Club

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