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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

portland pétanque

Here is a nice recap and photos from last weekend's NW Regional Doubles in Portland . Thanks to Joe Martin, Albyn Jones, Philippe Agnesse and all at the Portland Petanque Club who helped put on another nice event.
Congratulations to gold medalists Joe and Pierre Brun, along with the other top finishers as noted down below.


Ed Porto
FPUSA National Sport Director

P.S. Don't forget about our last NW Regional of the season: the very first NW Regional Mixed Triplette to be held on Sunday, September 21st and hosted by La Petanque Mariniere in San Rafael California . 'Hope to see you there!

e have two tournaments to summarize, Saturday's doubles melêe and Sunday's NW Region Doubles. The complimentary pastries from La Petite Provence and the "bottomless coffee cup' brought sixteen players out early Saturday morning to be matched up for a day of doubles. It was as close to perfect weather as one could imagine, sunny, and not too hot.

Because we had a perfect number for 8 teams, we went with a round robin format, and each team that was formed by having players draw numbered tiles, played every other team, 7 games in 8 hours including a break for lunch. Can't be much doubt then about which is the best team on that day.By the end of the day, the first place winners were Charles (from San Diego ) and Antrenick (sp?) Zadayan, father and son, who happened to be paired by the drawing as a team, won 6 of their 7 games. They were followed by Albyn Jones and Gary Bigham in 2nd, Matt Sharp and Thai Nguyen in 3rd, and Duong Nguyen and yours truly in 4th place. Each of the winning players received a bottle of the best wine $5 can buy, and the first three teams also were handed what amounted to coffee and donut money as a cash prize that came from entry fees.

The Northwest Regional Doubles took place on Sunday July 27th on a genuine Portland summer day: a bit cloudy, a few drops of rain, but with a very nice finish. After a delicious course of pastries provided by La Petite Provence, (sibling of "La Provence , the big") the competition began. 13 teams from Oregon and Washington , plus one from Salt Lake City Utah , played three rounds of a Swiss system in the morning to qualify teams to the concours and consolante. For lunch we had sandwiches provided by La Provence Bakery and Bistro. After lunch, Joe Martin and Pierre Brun went on a rampage, defeating Philippe and Pierre Agnesse 13-12, then Dick Viskov and John Hunt 13-0, and finally Bob and Joe Cortright in the final by 15-3. The Viskov/Hunt team took third place by defeating John Chantavisay and Duong Nguyen.Albyn Jones and David Johnstone defeated Greg Conyers and Lee Harris in a closely contested match to take the honors in the consolante final.We finished off the day with a wonderful banquet (Thanks to Didier Blanc Gonnet and Pascal Tisseur of La Provence !), awards, and then another round or two of friendly boules for those who didn't want to see the end of a great weekend of petanque! Many and profound thanks to the volunteers who helped make it happen.

The concours winners were:
1st: Joe Martin and Pierre Brun
2nd: Joe Cortright and Bob Cortright
3rd: Dick Viskov and John Hunt
4th: John Chantivisay and Duong Nguyen

The consolante winners were:
1st: Albyn Jones and David Johnstone
2nd: Creg Conyers and Lee Harris

Longest Trip Prize:
Michael Kronenberg and Jean-Jacque Grossi who came all the way from Utah to participate! Albyn awarded each a special bottle of vintage "Vin de Petanque" from his cellar.

Thanks go to the FPUSA for adding $100 to the cash prize purse that was shared by all the winners on Sunday.

From your tournament directors this past weekend,

Albyn and Joe.

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